What is iyasostuff about?

As women we have the right to be introverted or extroverted, interested in dressing well, or not, interested in makeup or not. No one has the right to expect anything from us that we are not willing to give, and we have to learn that we were placed on this earth for a very unique purpose.

iyasostuff is a place to encourage one another in this journey.

Here we can talk about God, Life, Work, Africa, being single, and other random things.

 Welcome, get comfortable and join the conversation.

Don’t ever forget that Impossible is Stupid.


I am the author of an amazing book

on how single women can deal with depression and loneliness

(Impossible is Stupid).

I am a Christfollower, Writer, Speaker, Entrepreneur…Curiously Creative And…

I really really really enjoy hearing from you all

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