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Hey All,
so today I made a bold move, I switched my anti-virus software!!! argh!!!
It was tough, especially since I only use the free software, and I don’t really have much to choose from, but I couldn’t take it anymore.
AVG was using so much memory, and computer was running like it was 1999 and I just thought to myself, if I switch software, my downloading speed will probably get better. I would need something that works well, is reliable, and will not randomly cut off my internet connection… what’s a gal to do?

Although I had been faithful to AVG for so long, this gal decided that it was time to venture out.
Step 1: Go to Download.com and check out their reviews of virus softwares
Step 2: look at people’s comments on the various virus software
Step 3: Check out the anti-virus comparatives tests

Step 4: download Avast (the obvious superior in speed, usability & reliability) and uninstall AVG ( a close second)

While it was hard ending this relationship that had lasted for over 5 years, we realized that it was time to move on, and I would say that the break up was mutual…maybe more mutual on my end…

innyhoo so far, I have enjoyed Avast, and from what I hear, I am getting the best free anti-virus protection money can pay for…

ciao =)