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So, I have lived in the “City of Brotherly Love,” and to some extent I have gotten used to it, but sometimes it is so drastically apparent how much this city lacks “love,” “like,” or even “respect.”

I’m in line at the Septa transit store in downtown Philly, Suburban station, and for some reason I become aware of how bad the attitude is.

“Can I get a 5-pack of tokens.”

“Can I get a 10-pack.”

“Can I get a Transpass.”

“Can I …” “Can I…” “Can I…”

There are no “hello’s” no “please” no “may I”… just “Can I…Can I…Can I.”

I mean how rude of you to think that just because it is someone’s job to get you something, this means that you need to treat them as if they are not human beings. Granted, I must agree, that the clerks are probably some of the rudest people you will ever encounter (this will be the subject of another blog), but c’mon we only continue the “crazy cycle” of utter disregard of one another.

It’s finally my turn.

“Hi. Can I…” I catch myself “May I please get a 10-pack”

So I know I am not the personification of love, but for some reason I actually get a smile. And for that one moment, I felt as if all was right with the world again. As I got my tokens and walked away from the clerk’s window, I heard my fellow Philadelphians demanding their tokens, and I thought to myself…when will we learn.