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Being rich is in how much you give, not how much you keep.

– Have you ever been around someone who desperately needed to talk to you, but you did not have the time to talk to them?

At that moment you were not rich.

– Have you ever met someone who you could tell desperately needed money, but you could not afford to give them anything, or as much as you would have liked to?

At that moment you were not rich.

– Has someone ever asked you for advice in order to make an important decision. And you really truly wanted to give them great advice, but you could think of nothing to help – not that you didn’t  they would listen, or you were uncomfortable giving advice – you actually wanted to, but you were unable.

At that moment you were not rich.

There are many ways to become rich, but most of them come at the expense of other more important things in life. (like peace, happiness & good health)


How rich are you?

Would you like to be rich (or richer)?

(Without having to worry about dying in your quest to become rich)