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Wow! Today I had the privilege of posting about Monogamy on Bella Naija.

How exciting 🙂

Here is an excerpt (let me know what you think):

The honest truth is that I had a lot of fun with the three of them. And I can see why young ladies today may be interested in having multiple boyfriends. Times are hard. You may be passionately and madly in love with one guy but he doesn’t have a car, or any money to take you out. You may be intrigued by the idea that you’re dating an engineer, or a lawyer, so you keep one of those around. You may have always imagined yourself with the tall, dark and handsome guy who just happens to be a singer/songwriter/poet, and so you also keep him around. After all they’re all nice, they all treat you pretty well, and they all help you not to be so bored…

You can read more here.

So what do you think? Is monogamy dead???

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