iyasO’s Ten

Some phenomenal life-changing books

(last edited December 18, 2010)

  1. No more Mondays – Dan Miller
  2. See you at the Top – Zig Ziglar
  3. The Element – Sir Ken Robinson
  4. Group Genius – Keith Sawyer
  5. Boundaries – Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend
  6. The Power of Who- Bob Beaudine
  7. Linchpin – Seth Godin (and some of his other books Tribes, The Dip, Purple Cow, Free Prize inside)
  8. Switch: how to change things – Chip Heath & Dan Heath
  9. Financial Peace – Dave Ramsey
  10. The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell
  11. You don’t need a title to be a leader – Mark Sanborn

Top Ten List

  1. Top Ten Car Manufacturers of Successful Bloggers
  2. Top Ten Problems With Peace

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