Top Ten Car Manufacturers of Successful Bloggers

December 2009

10. Hyundai (You can afford something different now…but don’t get pretentious just yet)

9. Honda (It’s not prettiest car out there, but it will always have your back)

8. Volvo (You are buying for sturdiness now…your motto is “hit me with your best shot!”)

7. Toyota (You hear it’s good quality and good mileage…so hey…why not!)

6. Nissan (Look at you go! You’re moving up in the world!)

5. Volkswagen (who cares if it’s not reliable, or you have to pay an arm and foot to get it fixed often- you like it, you get it)

4. Acura (Lets go fast, and lets go now!)

3. Lincoln (It’s smooth, it’s classy, it’s stylish…and you’re not breaking the bank …yet…)

2. Mercedes (It’s my time to shine!)

1. BMW (Mama! I made it!)

***(Be on the look out for more iyasO’s ten coming soon…)***


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