Top Ten Problems With Peace

February 2010

Peace has its problems…trust me I’m experiencing them now

10. Time: When you are not spending so much time worrying you have so much time on your hands…seriously who needs more time?

9. Laugh: When you have peace, things that used to bother you begin to seem amusing…c’mon the fact that you have not saved enough money to pay your mortgage in 2021 is not a funny matter.

8. Encourage others: Since you have so much peace and others seem to be complaining all the time, you find yourself being the one to tell people not to worry about it. There you are you haven’t eaten in days, and you are encouraging the poor guy who had to settle for a black limo since they ran out of all the silver ones.

7. Dance: Why do you keep dancing in the middle of the street for no particular reason…can’t you see that the weather sucks?

6. Hugging strangers: This is a new low when you go up to random strangers and ask if you can hug them. It’s even worse when you just hug them whether or not they want to be hugged.

5. Sleep: You go to sleep rested and you wake up rested…c’mon that is just not normal.

4. Floss: You take good care of your teeth because you want it to look good when you are smiling all day

3. Heightened Sensitivity: All of a sudden…beauty is that much more beautiful, and you can hear a lot better because you are focused on the issue at hand, and the sweet smells smell sweeter…

2. Wisdom: You really need to be wise because when you are no longer bothered by fear, you lose the motivation that would make you stop doing harmful things..that is unless you make decisions based on wisdom.

1. Praise God: People keep asking you the source of your peace and you have an opportunity to evangelize and to praise God…but then again I’m sure we are all to busy to witness.

(Be on the lookout for more top tens)


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